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Our Services

Estate Sales

At M & H Estate Sales in Alabama. We are one of the few accredited estate liquidators in Alabama. With certified professional appraisal experience, we can offer the most complete liquidation services. From staging to cleanup, we are fully capable of making your estate sale or down sizing sale a success.

We understand the difficulties that may be inherent in liquidating one's estate, and we make every effort to assist you every step of the way. We truly respect your individual situation, your estate and the items within it. We will treat your personal property with the utmost care.

Full Liquidation

Our network of professional expertise combined with genuine sincerity and knowledge, gives you the best in estate liquidation services.

We work with other professionals in the industry to insure your transition is stress-free.  Whether you're moving, downsizing, or have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Rely on our expertise and professional services to help you transition with care and value.

Everything starts by communicating, if you need a professional  estate sale company on your side, we're eager to help.

At M & H Estate Sales, we take the reigns on your estate sale from start to finish, so you can rest assured you’ll have a professional, effective sale and are not left with a mess to clean up afterward!

How it Works

First and foremost, we always treat you, your home and your items with the utmost compassion and respect. Estate sales are usually held Friday through Sunday, and we work for two or three weeks beforehand to set it up and effectively advertise it. Once the sale ends, we completely empty your home of unsold items by placing them in the garage where they’ll be easily accessible for the charity pick-up and sweep our way out the front door.

For our part in helping you sell your treasured items, we earn a commission and you receive the rest. Unlike other estate sale services, we do not charge set up or take down fees, and we pay all incurred expenses. Our job is not complete until you are completely satisfied with the results of your estate sale—guaranteed!

Our Services

At M & H Estate Sales, we will:

  • Send detailed announcements of your estate sale to our customer base

  • Post daily announcements on Facebook to our followers

  • List the sale on other websites with additional customers

  • Advertise in local papers and on social media sites with photos

  • Post a minimum of 50 photos of your items for sale on the internet

  • Strategically place directional signs

  • Clean, organize, stage, research and price your items to maximize value and salability

  • Professionally and securely run your 3-day estate sale in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere

  • Completely empty your home of unsold items and sweep our way out the front door 

  • Coordinate the disposal of your unsold items 

How to Choose an Estate Sale Company

Before you choose which Birmingham estate sale company you will use to liquidate your assets:

1. Interview the owners of the business

2. Check multiple references

3. Visit a sale before you make your choice! (Anyone can call themselves an estate sale company—the proof is in the actual estate sale itself!)

4. Make sure they have a State of Alabama tax certificate/DBA, proving date of establishment

5. Determine if they wash the china, dishes and any surfaces that will be used for display

6. Ask if they air or wash the linens & bedding and hang them up, or display items on shelves

7. Ensure they will make the home clean, organized and presentable

8. Ask if they will hire a landscaper for the lawn if needed

9. Determine that they will attempt to sell every single item in the home. (Beware when a company asks to donate large amounts of items prior to your sale or, as a local company we know of frequently does, asks for a dumpster!)

10. Verify they will run a three-day estate sale (Unless your home is unusually small, you should never accept a one or two-day sale!)

Call us today at 205-529-0330 for a FREE, one-hour consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!